You really hurt me
I know you’re fine without me
In fact
Better than ever
Aren’t you?

So I guess I’ll go “home”
To the room called mine
It feels so juvenile
I am empty

I left a piece of myself
In the coolest little capital
Another life left behind
What is home?

I’m so hard to please
I try my best
I know you’re right
I’ll do better on my own

I’m not regretful
I’m just dumbfounded

That my love was as thick as the morning fog
So dense
I couldn’t see through it

I realise now
You were a source of therapy
Twenty four months
Maybe I helped you too

I understand baby
I’m a liability

And at the end of the day
We’re so far off each others pages
That it’s hard to believe
We were ever on the same one

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