the sixth of January

Dear Kaylee,

Twelve months ago, you were cycling the South Island of New Zealand, wondering why the hell you decided to attempt a task so physically challenging. Every single day you were in tears after internally screaming to yourself “I can’t do this!” over and over again. Though, isn’t it interesting how you vividly remember the emotional pain over the physical?

For the past few months, you’ve been checking in with your emotions and releasing them into your writing. You keep telling yourself that you’ll go that step further and prioritise time to sit down, undisturbed, and really focus on the pain and why it’s there.

Last night you had no choice but to face the sudden rush of intense emotion. After a physically stressful morning and a moody afternoon, it was indeed inevitable.

But instead of facing your overdriven mind, you distracted yourself with unrelated tasks to avoid more anguish. Disappointed with yourself, you lay in bed feeling more disconnected than ever.

This morning, you woke slowly and wandered to the ocean to allow your emotions to fill you up and breathe through your body. The sun was masked behind thick cloud, gifting you with plenty of time to not worry about it’s intensity. With the salt air filling your lungs, you reminded yourself that your goals won’t be achieved overnight.

To enjoy the journey you must be gentle and focus on patience.

All my love,

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