january 9, 2018

dear kaylee,

I’m sitting in the middle of a shopping centre food court
with four sushi rolls and an iced long black
I’m wearing a white camisole which starkly contrasts my sun-kissed skin
behind me, children scream from the heights of the primary coloured playground
this would usually send me running for the hills
today, I welcome the playful, messy chaos
as it’s similar to the inner workings of my mind

I’m vibrating with a sudden renewed energy
as told in my previous entry
my recent confrontation with my emotional blockages
has cleared the way for my set intentions

“2018 will be the year of vulnerability, learning, collaboration, failure, and mindfulness” 

as the caffeine sends my mind into a frenzy of backflips
I document this moment as a high in my life
I’m embracing the reality of life’s different phases
like the moon that moves around and around the earth
the roller coaster that is our life
sends us up and down, side to side, up and down

all my love,

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