february 3, 2018

dear kaylee,

I’m sitting in a bright, open sun-room
that’s lined with walls of louvered windows
it’s 2:06pm and the sun is reflecting off the glass
and creating small rainbows all over the grey, tiled floor

the house is an old queenslander
full of character in a suburb of brisbane
inside lives a wonderful human
who I met through a friend just over a week ago

now kaylee
I realize it’s been a while since we talked
time flies when you’re having fun, right?!
and trust me I’ve been having plenty

I’ve frolicked around a sugar cane plantation at 6 o’clock in the morning
embarked on 15 kilometre return walk to lake mackenzie at dusk
watched the sunset over hammerstone sandblow after collecting fulgurite
swam in eli creek by the moonlight
wandered through sunflower fields in toowoomba
flown over stradbroke island in a two-seater plane
celebrated music by dancing the night away in fortitude valley
sat atop kangaroo point cliffs following a night of no sleep
admired the lights of brisbane city on story bridge
walked along woody point esplanade with a beer in one hand and six-pack in the other
received four raw cake slices from charlie’s raw squeeze for the price of two
received a $90 parking fine in milton
felt at home amongst the west end market stalls
and I’ve just finished up making a batch of dough for tonight’s pizza party

these experiences involved a connection with nature and like-minded people
they involved open minds and open hearts
they involved freedom, adventure, and learning
they involved coming back to a space I could call my own
an overwhelming feeling of ‘home, sweet home’

I’m eight days into ‘living on the road’
and I can’t remember the last time
I felt this content, this happy

kaylee, what does happy look like to you?

all my love,

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