the tenth of February

Dear Kaylee,

Last night, I put my head on the pillow with full intentions of attending a photo gallery opening the next day, at 10am.

Today, 10am comes around, I’m well slept, I’ve eaten breakfast and made my bed. I’m feeling renewed and prepared to wander the streets of New Farm, after surrounding myself with some kick-ass photography.

Instead, I find myself invited for coffee, with my dear friend and his gorgeous little boy (I promise he had juice, no caffeine). We stroll to the local cafe down the road, basking in the morning sun rays and listening to planes fly overhead.

An intention I set for myself recently, is to infuse more and more PLAY into my EVERYDAY. I want to stop taking life so seriously, but still be taken seriously.

However, if “seriously” means not doing the things that make my inner child happy. If seriously means dulling down my creativity. If seriously means sacrificing my curiosity. I’m not interested.

So this morning, with 10am long gone, I’m invited by a curious little seven year old, to play with his Lego.

I follow him and ask, “What do you want me to make?!”

His heart-warming reply goes like this, “I want you to make whatever you want to!”

So I sit down, on the damn bedroom floor, and I engage my inner child to create whatever I want to create.

I’m submitting to life a little more, going with the flow, circulating my energy.

How are you?

All my love,
Kaylee x

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