I purchased the van for $3,300 cash, unregistered and not roadworthy. The horn needed replacing and a thermo-fan was installed to aid overheating. The cost being $100 for parts, $100 for the roadworthy certificate and $500 for six months of registration. That total of $4,000 brought me to the beginning of Bernie’s fit-out.

FREE = deep cycle battery (thank you Angela, James and Ned!)
$700 = waeco CF50 fridge with insulated cover
$260 = ply sheets, bearings and screws
$60 = 4L clear timber varnish
$150 = 3 x industrial drawer slides
$600 = cabinetry labour (thank you Don!)
$160 = coleman 2 burner cooktop
$187 = 100L water bladder
FREE = roof cage (thank you Dad and Ray!)
$170 = 150mm medium density foam mattress
$125 = 1000W pure sine wave power 12V/240V inverter
$18 = battery regulator 
$22 = 8 way fuse block
$25 = 12V LED strip light
$210 = 200W 12V solar panel 
$8 = cigerette lighter socket
$24 = 2 x 12V LED bedside lamps 
$145 = 12V sirocco fan
$22 = 12V 4.3LPM high pressure water pump
$28 = combination sliding lock
$16 = drawer handles
$35 = 4KG gas bottle
$118 = blockout curtain fabric (thank you Net!)
$200 = 2 x gutter mount roof racks
$40 = 4KG gas bottle holder
$140 = 2 x solid white window stickers and 1 x white one way vision sticker
$115 = 2M x 2M pull out awning

TOTAL = $3,578

The fit-out has taken approximately three months.

Please keep in mind that this total DOES NOT include the $4,000 outlay, any mechanical costs or interior decorating.

It’s also missing the numerous hours my Dad spent working on the van and my Mum’s priceless home-cooked meals and alcohol top ups. Not to forget, all the hours that they both spent running around town.

I’ll never forget your never-ending love and support that’s resulted in me fulfilling my dreams.

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