like sex
I forced my creativity
setting aside hours in the day
to shoot half a roll of film

which resulted in
satisfaction with
just a few
organic photographs


I love wearing socks
as much as I love
my barefeet
to the earth

I love being pantless
as much as I love
my features being accentuated
in a skin tight skirt

I love being naked
as much as I love
layering baggy clothes
over my bare skin

women were invented
long before clothes
don’t ever say
she was asking for it


a month ago
I tried to write my story
I never could’ve imagined
where I’d be today

we’ve been shaken at our core
wearing nothing but our underwear
the only article of clothing left
before utmost vulnerability


sun drenched “driver’s arm”
barefoot to the peddle
full tank of petroleum
gearstick my fifth limb

my soul doesn’t want me to forget
that roaming is my home
I’m aligned when my feet aren’t rooted
permanently to the ground


clean shaven legs
lips stained red
more effort on me
than minutes with you

heels left alone
heavy stale air
full moon silence
resisting fear

are my ears ringing
or is my head filled with noise
tear ducts at capacity
impossible to overflow