there you were
spaghetti strapped linen
radiating a healthy mask
so dissimilar to my daydreams

strength and resilience
shine through your forest ringed eyes
as we discuss our mundane problems
with mirrored minds

all of a sudden
another crack in my golden heart
when you left I was awoken
to our deep connection

I’m sorry for being selfish
for making excuses
I’m here now
and it’s exactly where I want to be


commuter’s headlights sparkle
as they pass the overgrown strip
the leaves sound like rain
as they rustle against one another

they come and go
take a photo
fake a smile
appreciation on the back burner

before they leave
they hand me their judgements
on silver platters
through their blank stares

what does it matter
my lonely thrives here
as the sun melts the warmth
by the lake


it was evident that day
the fire in your eyes
as I walked up the stairs
with my mask securely fastened

I had to keep reminding myself
it was only the second time
but I wanted to say so much
let my thoughts spill out my mouth

I didn’t want to scare you
with my emotions and my secrets
make you think
I had any sort of expectations

but honestly
I only held back
because in fact
I was scared

of your
never being enough

I don’t know what I’d rather
face the firing line
or tend to your fire
and risk the burn