sun drenched “driver’s arm”
barefoot to the peddle
full tank of petroleum
gearstick my fifth limb

my soul doesn’t want me to forget
that roaming is my home
I’m aligned when my feet aren’t rooted
permanently to the ground


clean shaven legs
lips stained red
more effort on me
than minutes with you

heels left alone
heavy stale air
full moon silence
resisting fear

are my ears ringing
or is my head filled with noise
tear ducts at capacity
impossible to overflow

april 21, 2018

dear kaylee,

I’ve realized something

we can have bad relationships
with words and phrases
just as we do
people and addictions

one word
I’ve always had
a bad relationship with
is ‘comparison’

in today’s day to day
comparison of one another is ever-present
with the aid of social media, advertising
and even our education system

we are put up against one another
to be judged on who’s smarter
who’s prettier
and who’s got a higher follower count

but comparison can be healthy
comparison is a useful tool for personal growth

today I compared my 2km run to my 0km run yesterday
today I compared my current priorities to the ones I had 12 months ago
today I compared my upcoming solo travel to being controlled by a job 18 months ago

I’m going to end this with a quote I read this morning

“the secret to a peaceful world is in the transformation of the individual; we do not need to love perfectly or be fully healed, we just need a critical mass of people who understand that to harm another is to harm oneself”
– yang pueblo

all my love,

march 21, 2018

dear kaylee,

it’s 11:16pm and I’m now 21

the day’s activities have included
an 11 hour split shift
getting stuck in traffic for ed sheeran’s concert… twice
and going to bed alone on my birthday

on any other day, these events would contribute to an average day, right!?

but because it’s my birthday
I’m expecting everything to just fall into place
to be filled with bloody rainbows and unicorns
in fact, I’ve been telling people all day
that to me, it’s just another day

yet, as I was driving home from work
in very slow moving traffic
I was thinking about
how I haven’t received one gift today

I was thinking about arriving home
to a house that’s silent and asleep
I was sad and frustrated with myself

once I pulled into the driveway
I saw the light under the house was on
I step through the gate to find a rainbow piñata
sitting in the middle of the concrete floor
it’s labeled with
a speech-bubble-shaped-card titled “HOLA!”

dear kaylee,
we hope you’ve had an amazing 21st birthday!
love tyler, ryan, and matt

I sat on the floor and sobbed a little
no matter how you feel about birthdays
they’re a forced day of reflection
and unfortunately sometimes comparison

they’re a day that represents
your birth as a physical being
a day of importance
no matter what

today I watched the sun rise from behind the clouds
I danced like no one’s watching
I smoked a single cigarette in the pouring rain
I drank an espresso martini on my night shift
I received so many kind words from loved ones
then I ended my day with a beautiful rainbow piñata filled with goodies

I think I’ll name him marcus

buenas noches amigos
I have work at 7am tomorrow

all my love,

meet Matt

Matt is the creator of the very magical space known as The Front Room in Hervey Bay, Queensland.


Once you emerge through the wooden doors, you’ll find a bright, communal space filled with specialty coffee, organic food, and staff that welcome you like family. Matt describes the cafe as “the coolest place in town”. And with their recent addition of air-conditioning, that’s a very fitting statement.

But how Matt got here, is the story I want to tell you.

As we each crack a beer from Burleigh Brewing Company, Matt pulls out a Christmas present he received from a friend a few years ago. A book displaying his handcrafted cigar-box guitar, photographed in multiple locations along the East Coast of Australia.


“I saw one on the internet one day, a cigar box guitar, they’re a bit of a thing, look it up!”

“I was thinking to myself ‘holy s*** I love the look of these things, visually they’re beautiful!'”

Displayed in his book is an old Montecristo cigar box guitar with its stickers scratched off to create an aged look. Matt calls this particular guitar, the best he’s ever made.

“They’re easy to make but for them to be of high quality takes a bit of practice”


You see, creating cigar-box guitars played an integral part into where Matt is today. It all started from an admiration of the building we’re currently in.

Eight years ago, when Matt first started making these guitars, he met Jaesh, a local fellow in Hervey Bay, who was renting out this building.

“The very first time I came in here, I remember thinking how beautiful it was!”


Soon after meeting Jaesh, Matt gave away almost everything he owned.

“A bag of clothes, a bag of tools, a one-way ticket to Nimbin, and a guitar to sell so I could afford to eat”

Before getting to Nimbin, Matt arrived on the Gold Coast with eight dollars to his name, a loaf of bread and a bunch of kale.

“The bread was spelt though, so I was doing okay!”

After scoring a contract with the well-known music store Threeworlds, on the Gold Coast, Matt never made it to Nimbin.

“I was only just getting by until I had enough money to get a share house with space for me to create the guitars”

As Matt talks, I can see the memories pass in front of him.

“God this stuff feels like a lifetime ago, but the last guitar I made was for a sound healer about four years ago”

“I made probably 200 guitars across 3 years!”

After seeing the opportunity to create his dream space in the building he’d always admired, Matt moved back to Hervey Bay eighteen months ago to open up The Front Room.

“It’s crazy, absolutely crazy, how your life can just change overnight!”

Cafe: The Front Room

Owner: Matt Suckling

Address: 399 Charlton Esplanade, Torquay, Hervey Bay, Queensland 4655

Coffee Supplier: Tim Adams Speciality Coffee



intoxicating malt
dreary eyed
concrete tunnel
energy deficient

emotionally addicted
satisfied wants
discarded needs
darkness engulfed

challenge created
broken glass
power off

february 10, 2018

dear kaylee,

last night
I put my head on the pillow
with full intentions of attending a photo gallery opening
the next day, at 10am

today, 10am comes around, I’ve slept well
I’ve eaten breakfast and made my bed
I’m feeling renewed and prepared to wander the streets of new farm
after surrounding myself with some kick-ass photography

instead, I find myself invited for coffee
with my dear friend and his gorgeous little boy
we stroll to the local cafe down the road
basking in the morning sun rays
and listening to planes fly overhead

an intention I set for myself recently
is to infuse more and more play into my everyday
I want to stop taking life so seriously
but still be taken seriously

if seriously means not doing things that make my inner child happy
if seriously means dulling down my creativity
if seriously means sacrificing my curiosity
I’m not interested

so this morning
with 10am long gone
I’m invited by a curious little seven year old
to play with his lego on his bedroom floor

I follow him and ask
“what do you want me to make?!”

his heart-warming reply
“I want you to make whatever you want to!”

so I sit down
on the damn bedroom floor
and I engage my inner child
to create whatever I want to create

I’m submitting to life a little more
going with the flow
circulating my energy

how are you?

all my love,